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The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Brian Powers


Brian Powers performs one of the most successful and entertaining shows for Corporate events. In a few words, his stage hypnosis show is mesmerizing, comical, hilarious, fascinating, dramatic, and unforgettable. Each and every event provides an evening of comical entertainment that will have your crowd crying tears of laughter and on the edge of their seat as volunteers are placed into a hypnotic or daydream-like state. Every show is different because all participants are always different and unpredictable! Sit back and relax as you watch the power of the mind express itself in a world of imagination. All to the delight of the audience as all the situations and persons are presented in good clean fun and the best of taste.

Brian also holds seminar presentations where, by combining entertainment and education he show you how to increase sales performance, enhance productivity and reduce stress. He'll show you and your co-workers hypnosis techniques for reducing stress. Audiences of staff workers are hungry for ways to be a better, calmer, more productive person and Brian delivers to them what they want. Let him give your office a lift and a gift they will always remember.

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Performing Skills:

Comedy Hypnotist , Close-up and Stage Magic

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