The Vodvill Entertainment Company

The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Marie Jenkins

Handwrititng Analyst

What kind of secrets do we reveal everyday without our knowledge? What are the subtle clues to our inner selves that we may not even be aware of? Surprisingly it is not our fingerprints but our own handwriting that holds a treasure of information about ourselves.

Marie Jenkins has been practicing the art and science of handwriting analysis for over 20 years. She was trained as a government employee and has done extensive work for the intelligence and armed services. Employers too have found her services valuable in employee evaluation. After all that, you will know when is quite capable of entertaining your guests with her amazing skill.

As each person sits down for a meeting with Marie, they write out a simple phrase. She then takes a moment to asses the piece and the person then provides a description of what they reveal. People walk away amused and amazed that she is not psychic with her ability to see things that ring true. You will love and enjoy working with this delightful woman and listening to her delightful wisdom.

Next party, do something REALLY different and drop the psychics for a reading from Marie!

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