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The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Terry Elton


After planning your last party did you feel like the Chairman of the Bored ? Did the stand up comedian sit down on the job or did the juggler drop the ball? Don't let this happen again, make the executive decision to invite Terry Elton to your next event! Terry Elton is more than just a funny face that makes you laugh. He is also an accomplished magician that makes you laugh. His experience includes stage shows, parties and trade shows and his creative abilities make him highly skilled at entertaining at any coporate event. Your investment in the laughing stock of Terry Elton is guaranteed to pay back in big dividends. Terry performs a hilarious show of comedy, props, and magic that will give your party a triple A rating. His show is more than just another comedy act, it's a carefully crafted showcase of wacky magic and off beat humor that appeals to all markets and audiences. Guests are directly involved in the deals made on stage that profit in big laughs and good feelings. With a clean show and years of experience, Terry is a no-risk no-load entertainer. You can't lose!

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Performing Skills:

Comedy, Magic, Audience Participation

Types of Performance:

Stage and Roving