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The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Beth Byrd

Mime & Clown

Beth Byrd is a serious artist in a funny way. She has studied diligently with the master of mime and clowning in order to be the best fool there is. Granted, a true fool need never study, but it never hurts to have that extra trick up your hat to bring a smile to a face. Throughout her training she has tried to be flexible, not just in body but with her talent as well. That is why you may see her in one or two of her many characters and venues entertaining adults, children or both. Some of her characters include Tweets the Clown, Sparrow the Renaissance Jester, Avi the Classic Mime or Perch the Human Statue. Always varied and always surprising, Beth Byrd plays each character with grace and wit that will entertain any audience in any setting. Whether Roving among the crowds or holding court on the Renaissance stage, her performance will be a great addition to any event.

Past Sponsor who have discovered Beth include IBM, Kansas City Renaissance Festival, Hallmark Inc., Ritz Carlton Hotels, KC SpiritFest

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Performing Skills:

Comedy, Juggling, Pantomime, Acrobatics, Audience Participation

Types of Performance:

Roving, Stage, Workshop