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The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which entertainment option is the best for my audience and event?

Many things help narrow down what entertainment option will be best for your particular event. Your audience type (ages, interests, backgrounds, etc.), your date, your budget, your venue (how much space do you have, etc.), how the rest of your event is set up...are some of the factors our agent will help you explore to make sure you correctly choose the best entertainment option.

How do I see acts to know if they are what I'm looking for?

If possible, we can arrange for you to see the act if they are performing in your area at another event. References of past clients are available on asking and they may be able to help you. We also have video and promotional materials for most acts for your review.

Will I actually talk with the artist before the event?

Once contracted, our entertainers advance their dates. The act will call you 5-14 days prior to the event to go over details with you so things run smoothly. If there are minor time changes, directions to be given, new ideas, final questions, these items can be reviewed at this time. Of course, you can also always call Vodvill Entertainment Company if you need any assistance or have any questions.

What will the act need from us?

A place to perform, an audience, and a check when it is all done! Most of our acts carry their own sound and lights...the whole act is virtually a "turn-key" operation, requiring very little from you. They will need electrical power near the stage, and may also need a dressing room and a parking area to load in and out. Other needs are noted on the contract and rider. Additional needs may include hotel rooms, meals, drinking water, and other minor issues... ask about these details with your Vodvill Entertainment Company entertainment consultant.

What is the cost of buying one of your acts?

When buying entertainment, you pay for the act's abilities, experience, production and popularity. The date of your event also affects the price. For example, a Saturday in December is always in great demand due to the holidays and will cost more. Location also affects the price, as we take into consideration travel expenses. What type of show is it? Is production provided? Is it a multiple day booking? These items also affect the final price. Ask us for specific pricing information.

Why use an entertainment agency?

There are many benefits to having Vodvill Entertainment assist you in contracting your entertainment. Some are obvious: * We represent a broad range of entertainers who can work in a wide variety of situations. * We handle the contractual arrangements between you and the entertainment. * We deal with hundreds of details involving direction, payment, set-up time, length of show, sound and lights, and promotional materials, eliminating unwanted surprises. * We know what entertainment is worth because we work with so many entertainers... You don't overpay for entertainment through the Vodvill Entertainment Company. * We book over 2500 shows annually, and this vast experience means that you are working with an agency that has the answers to your entertainment questions.