The Vodvill Entertainment Company

The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Comic Waiter

Funny food Server!

Our waiter this evening will be the worst server you ever had…and the hit of your party! Roland will fall allover himself to pour on the charm - and anything else he's carrying! Combining classic schtick, pratfalls, and mime humor, Roland starts out as part of the "regular" serving crew, then quickly established himself as the "piece de resistance" you can't resist. Turn in your order today for Roland's feast of folly and before you know it you'll be screaming "Check please! - Check how I can get this guy again!"

Roland has brought his dinner diversions to dinner parties for all sizes of events. Corporate sales meetings, awards banquets, Christmas parties, or any party where food is served are the perfect place for his antics. Either as a main entree or an appetizer to a stage act or speaker, Roland makes every one laugh one person at a time.

Past Sponsors include: Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto Corp., Marion Merril Dow Pharmaceuticals, Southwestern Bell

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Performing Skills:

Physical Comedy & Audience Participation

Types of Performance:

1-2hour roving set