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The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Damian Blake

Charlie Chaplin Impersonator

Damian's impersonation of Charlie the Tramp comes not only from his deep admiration for Chaplin the artist, but also for the unique everyman-character he created. Having studied every detail of Charlie's mannerisms, costumes, and personality for 20-plus years, Damian Blake is able to bring you a heartfelt and accurate tribute, perhaps one of the most unique to date. Using the skills he has honed as a sideshow-variety performer, Damian incorporates pantomime, juggling, sleight of hand, acrobatics, and humorous sight gags to every performance. 
Damian has provided silent comedy to countless venues across the United States, in commercials, nightclubs, theaters, weddings, event spaces, corporate functions, historic landmarks, and private parties... and the list keeps growing.  He recently performed a week long event at the NAB Convention in Las Vegas. 

If you need a proper Charlie Chaplin for film, print, or to entertain in the flesh, look no further than Damian Blake.
He is available as a walk-around character, interacting with your guests, and as a stage show of varying lengths.  
He is also available for major motion pictures, commercial work, photo shoots, and can travel internationally for a modest travel and lodging fee.

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Performing Skills:

Physical comedy, improvisation, juggling

Types of Performance:

Roving and Stage