The Vodvill Entertainment Company

The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Hi Pockets Parade

Stiltwalking Comic Characters

The Hi-Pockets Parade™ is the creation of Richard Renner, a one man circus of variety arts skills, ranging from pantomime to slapstick, acrobatics to juggling, unicycling to… STILTWALKING!

Take a look at the Hi-Pockets collection of crazy columnar characters. There's Slam Duncan-the one man basketball team and the top draft pick , Roland Dripwater-with the tallest fish story ever told , The VodVill Klown-a silently silly statue of slapstick, Leggs Benedict-a long tall Texan on the lookout for them “midget injuns”, Grandma Walker-an octegenarian of gigantic proportions, and Uncle Sam-a living flagpole of patriotism! Like every aspect of Richard's improvisionational insanity, you know audiences of one or one thousand will get personally involved, uncontrollably amused and ultimately amazed by a performer they simply must look up to!

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Performing Skills:

Comedy, Stiltwalking, Balloon Animals, Audience Participation

Types of Performance: