The Vodvill Entertainment Company

The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Jason D'Vaude

Fire Juggler

Jason brings to the Midwest an array of skills including fire twirling, handstands, fire eating, unicycling, knife juggling, chinese yoyo, stilting, and sleight of hand—a skill set not usually found in one individual. Recently committed to solo performing, Jazon now performs everywhere from First Fridays to the National Golf Club to the Just off Broadway Theater. He performs on the street, on the stage or in your backyard (when you’re not looking). From his favored high-energy fire spinning to his silly magic tricks, The Amazin’ Jazon is always broadening his talent in some way. This eccentric performer involves the crowd inviting smiles and laughter. He combines facial expression, dangerous feats, and misdirection for a unique and dynamic experience.

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Performing Skills:

Comedy, Juggling, Fire Eating, Fire Juggling, Balancing, Audience Participation

Types of Performance:

Roving, Stage