The Vodvill Entertainment Company

The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Jeff Rosenblatt

The Mechanical Man

Is he real? Is he a Toy? What do I say to him if he speaks? These questions and more come to mind as your crowd watches Jeff do his mechanical mime thing. It's an amazing act of dexterity and control as he recreates robot like movements and reactions. Patrons approach this friendly automaton for a kiss, a hug, or their fortune on a card he hands out. Jeff's friendly but silent demeanor invites all the playful to approach and the shy to try. No one gets hurt by this machine as he provides hours of intriguing entertainment to everyone at your event. Bring him to see for yourself the amazing appeal of the Mechanical Man!

Jeff has taken his act all over the country and has appeared at such places as the Taste of Chicago, Tennessee Aquarium, Sea World and Disney World.

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Performing Skills:

Comedy, Pantomime, Audience Participation

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