The Vodvill Entertainment Company

The Vodvill Entertainment Company

Martika Daniels

Sideshow Stunt woman

Stuntwoman and sideshow performer Martika offers a variety of entertainment services, guaranteed to liven up your event. As a solo sideshow performer, she’s been featured at banquets, festivals, and other events all across the USA.

She offers clean, family-friendly entertainment sure to astound and delight. Her show is filled with the classic skills and stunts of old time sideshows. She eats fire, walks on glass, balances on sharpened swords to the amazement of the audience. She's not just a bag of tricks either but a charismatic performer as well. Her warm demeanor and quirky charm are sure to win over any crowd!

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Performing Skills:

carnival stunts, fire eating, juggling, hula hoops

Types of Performance:

Stage, strolling