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The Vodvill Entertainment Company


Living Statues

A StatuEscapade™ Statue is a work of art and more! What looks like a classic Greek or roman statue when still becomes a modern scene stealer when moving. Their absurd antics will make a grand impression on even the most critical of crowds as they interact directly with your guests then freeze motionless for minutes on end! StatuEscapade™ Statues are perfect as ice breakers at parties, attention getters at promotional events, or any place that demands the best in quality creative entertainment. It is art imitating life and life imitating art and both having a good laugh!

Corporate and private parties have been discovering the thrill of a StatuEscapade™ statue. As the perfect icebreakers at a cocktail party or a welcome diversion during dinner or dancing, these artists can command the crowds attention by doing as little as moving a finger. To see it is to believe it, so make your next event a work of art with a StatuEscapade™ statue!

Past Sponsors include: IBM, Marion Merril Dow Pharmaceuticals, University of Kansas, Anhesuer-Busch

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Performing Skills:

Comedy, Pantomime, Audience Participation

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